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Dental Articles

The Importance of Flossing

February 27th, 2015

We all understand the importance of brushing our teeth 2x’s a day, but surprisingly, not everyone understands how important it is to floss our teeth. Your set of adult teeth is all you are ever going to get so proper care is extremely important.
Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. The problem with bacteria comes when it has contact with food particles. The bacteria feed on food particles and produce an acid. This acid can eat away at the enamel on Read More


February 27th, 2015

InlaysInlays are used for restorative or cosmetic work on the top of a tooth but inside the cusps (bumps on top of the tooth). They are made of natural looking, non-metallic composites or porcelain material.
Inlays can be used in cases of cavities or replacement of fillings. As with other procedures, an impression of the tooth is taken and used to create a custom piece. A temporary inlay Read More

Mini Implants

February 27th, 2015

Implants are inert metallic devices (made of titanium) firmly screwed into the bone. They are used as an anchor for dentures or individual replacement teeth.
Mini-implants are smaller diameter hence can be used in situations where standard implants can’t be used due to bone loss. They are also less invasive, involving no major incisions or long healing period.
Mini-implants are used extensively to stabilize dentures, handling hard-to-fit or loose denture situations. They’re great for eliminating biting and chewing issues.
In this procedure, implants Read More

Mouth Guards for Sports

February 27th, 2015

Mouth guards are used to protect the teeth lips and gums. They are used in sports where you may experience falls, body contact and flying equipment.
We only get one set of adult teeth. You should do everything you can to protect yours or that of your child.
Mouth guards are part of the typical equipment for football in America. In a sport that requires so much physical contact, there are actually less mouth injuries than in any other because mouth guards Read More


February 27th, 2015

Many people believe that what one mouthwash does, so do they all. That’s actually pretty close to the truth. With some variation in taste and color being the main difference between them, most mouthwash products use the same ingredients.
But what do they do?
It is bacteria that causes bad breath and one bacteria-killing substance is alcohol. So, you would naturally believe that that being the case, alcohol would be a pretty good way of clearing up bad breath, right?
Believe it or Read More


February 27th, 2015

Dental OnlaysOnlays are used for restorative or cosmetic work on the top of a tooth including the cusps (bumps on top of the tooth). They are made of natural looking, non-metallic composites or porcelain material. They can be used in cases of cavities, replacement of a crown or filling, as well as other situations.
Onlays extend over one or more sides of a tooth, and are used much Read More

Oral Hygiene

February 27th, 2015

A good foundation of proper oral hygiene is helpful in preventing gum disease.  The two most important factors you can do on a daily basis to ensure this proper foundation is with daily brushing and flossing of your teeth.  This is critical to prevent the build up of plaque, which is the thin sticky film of bacteria that builds up in our mouths and leads to disease and tooth decay.  As plaque produces acids that eat away at the hard Read More

Oral Thrush

February 27th, 2015

Oral thrush is an infection of the mouth caused by the candida fungus, more commonly known as yeast. This is an infection known to affect infants and their mothers through breastfeeding, but it can also affect toddlers, older adults and those with a compromised immune system.
Small amounts of the candida fungus are naturally occurring in the mouth and other parts of the body such as the skin and digestive tract. Bacteria and microorganisms that exist in your body keep the Read More

Pacifiers and Oral Health

February 27th, 2015

Sucking is a normal, natural behavior for babies. This is how they receive all of their nutrition in the first months of life. Some babies will even begin sucking on their fingers or thumb in the womb.
Babies will also suck for other reasons. It is a soothing behavior that can help them relax and sometimes even put them to sleep. It can relieve anxiety and make them feel secure and happy.
Some babies and young children will naturally wean themselves from Read More

Pain Control

February 27th, 2015

“Oral facial pain … is a major source of diminished quality of life. It is associated with sleep deprivation, depression and multiple adverse social outcomes.” U.S. Surgeon General’s Report
Pain is controlled in dentistry in four different ways:

Local anesthesia
Conscious sedation
General anesthesia
Analgesics or pain relievers

1. Local anesthesia
There are two methods of inducing local anesthesia.

Syringe and hypodermic needle method

This is the most common method of controlling the discomfort of dental treatment.
An anesthetic cream or gel is first used to numb the gum, and Read More


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