Perio Protect is a new at-home treatment care program for periodontal disease. The program uses a dentist-created and FDA-cleared medical device where doctor-prescribed medications are delivered to the source of periodontal infections. These medications treat the pathogens that cause gum disease.

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The program’s medical device is a set of custom fabricated Perio Protect Trays™ that are comfortable to wear and very easy to use. The Perio Protect Trays offer varying thickness and an assortment of extensions to support a special seal that gently guides antimicrobial agents of the dentist’s choosing into the infected area (gingival sulcus). The trays maintain the medications for a sufficient time to control the bacteria causing the infection. As healing occurs, patients alter the frequency and duration that they wear their trays.

In order to obtain Perio Protect Trays, a patient must visit a dentist who is a licensed Perio Protect partner. Once the dentist completes exact impressions of a patient’s mouth, impressions are sent to a dental lab where customized trays are made to meet an individual patient’s needs and conditions.

Patients’ response to treatment has proven to be very rapid, and patient acceptance has been outstanding. The program is easy to follow and without pain, and the medications help to control the bacteria that cause the disease infection.