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Dental Emergencies

*If you’re reading this with a dental emergency, please contact us immediately!*

Toothaches are of course the most common dental emergency.  If there should be damage to teeth as in the instance of being knocked-out, broken or chipped, or even partially dislodged, those teeth can sometimes be saved.  As quickly as possible get to a dentist,  bringing any tooth or teeth fragments along with you.

Soft tissue injuries may be minor but should there be consistent pain or bleeding that cannot be controlled, be sure to see a dentist, or a physician at the nearest emergency room right away.

Professional assistance will also be required in the following instances: Broken or loose orthodontic appliances, abscesses, lost crowns and fillings; and even in the case of removal of debris caught between your teeth that you found impossible to remove.

To reduce the likelihood of potentially greater expense if treatment is postponed, as well as result in permanent problems or damage; any persistent painful condition to the teeth or gums must be addressed promptly.  These are potentially very serious if not addressed.

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