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Preventative DentistrY

Do I really need to visit the dentist every 6 months?

It depends on which smile you prefer…

Visiting Us Every 6 Months Means….

01 | We can catch health issues early

We can catch health concerns early because we typically see our patients more often than their physician. Your regular visit includes checkups for oral cancer, diabetes, and vitamin deficiencies. Without attending your regularly scheduled dental appointment, these may remain unknown. Early detection often leads to greater treatment success while also saving time, money, and maybe even your life. 

Rewards for ignoring your dental appointments…

01 | Enjoy the pleasure of a root canal
02 | Experience the fun of having your teeth yanked out

02 | We can
prevent disease

Regular dental visits focus on cleaning your teeth to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. 

03 | We can remove plaque and tartar

During your professional cleaning we work to gently remove any plaque and tartar deposits that may have accumulated between visits. Plaque is a quick destroyer and regular visits can keep it under control. Our experienced dental hygienists meticulously and methodically remove build up above and below the gum line. If tartar is permitted to remain on your teeth it can allow bacteria to grow next to your gums leading to more serious concerns. 

04 | We can
remove stains

Professional polishing can help remove external stains from substances like coffee, tea, and other contributors that may have caused discoloration. We use a professional Prophylaxis paste during polishing designed to make your teeth shiny and smooth. 

05 | We get
to see you

Of course there are critical oral health benefits to visiting the dentist regularly, but you should know that we really do enjoy seeing our patients. Six months is a long time between visits and we love to catch up and hear how you’ve been doing since we last saw you. We hope you always leave every visit feeling well cared for and looking forward to your next appointment. 

Please make your regular dental visits
a priority because we do.  

We look forward to seeing you again soon.