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Extraction of Adult Teeth

After a tooth has been extracted, it is very important for a good blood clot to form.  This is important as it assists in the healing process by acting as a bandage over the exposed bone.  A wad of cotton is also placed over the socket for you to bite down on, as that helps the bleeding stop.  There could be a slight blood seepage for a few hours, and this shouldn’t last long;  but if it does persist, you will want to contact your doctor.

There are several precautions you will need to follow after an extraction to prevent infection to the blood clot or from it being dislodged.  Do not smoke for a few days as that may hinder the healing process.  You should also not rinse your mouth on the day of the extraction, but the day after will be fine for gentle rinsing.  You will want to make sure to rinse all food particles out of the socket, as any food left in the socket may hinder the healing by becoming infected.  The blood clot will have a better chance to assist in the healing by staying in place.

If you have any facial swelling after the extraction, you can apply an ice pack to the swollen part of the face repeatedly for short periods at a time.

Nothing can make an extraction a pleasant experience, but with modern methods and pain killers, and if you follow your Dentist’s advice, pain and recovery time are minimal.

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