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Preventative Dental Care

Prevention is designed to preserve the health and life of your teeth and to keep them pain-free. When it comes to oral hygiene, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure.

If you know and follow proper preventative dental care, chances are you’ll keep your smile and your natural teeth your whole life.

The four most basic components are daily brushing, daily flossing, periodic professional teeth cleaning, and periodic dental examination.

It’s mostly about plaque removal. That prevents cavities and gum disease, contributes to a sweet breath and a mouth that feels good.

Good dental hygiene habits should be formed in youth. That will prevent many later difficulties. It’s never to late to learn though.

And older adults often require special attention to achieving adequate care. Those with arthritis or other flexibility issues may require electric toothbrushes and electric flossers. Proper care of dentures becomes an essential part of oral hygiene.

Regardless of how good your routine is, part of prevention is being alert to when changes require action.  Soreness, pain, bleeding and sensitivity, if they persist, should led to a visit to the dentist.

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