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Replacement of Teeth

According to the ‘U.S. Surgeon General’s Report’, “Missing teeth are linked to a poor diet. Quality of life clearly suffers when individuals are forced to limit food choices, and the foods chosen do not provide optimal nutrition.”

There are many reason that teeth need to be replaced. Results can be severe if missing teeth are not replaced. Teeth adjacent to spaces may drift and tilt into them. Your general health and chewing will be affected. The appearance of the smile and the front teeth can deteriorate. The front teeth can be forced forward and the bite may be affected. Teeth in the opposite jaw, over the space, can grow longer because there is no tooth opposite to bite against it and keep it in place.

Different types of tooth replacements are available for different scenarios. Depending upon the position of the gap of the teeth, its size and the presence or absence of adjoining teeth, will determine which procedure is best, which include bridges, implants and dentures.

A bridge is permanently fixed to the teeth on either side of the gap. Dental implants are metal posts which take the place of a tooth’s root and can be used in securing individual teeth, a bridge or dentures.

A common way to replace teeth is a removable denture which is either partial or full.
They will improve your appearance and be functional as well. They clasp to the remaining teeth to make them firm and can be removed by the wearer at any time.

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