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The WOW Factor

By Ronald K. Greif, D.D.S., Originally printed in St. Louis Women’s Journal

Forget Veins and Wrinkles -This is the real WOW factor!

Focus on your smile and this will get the attention and the confidence you always wanted. So many men and women I work with come in to see me wanting to be rid of some painful condition. After doing so, they inevitably browse our”before and after” picture gallery of “regular people” (not movie stars) who had some work done on their teeth to give them that WOW factor.

One for one, as people see these “before and after” pictures, they are astounded by the way a beautiful smile can take 20 years away from a per-son’s face. Also, it always appears that the individual is allot more confident in the “after”picture- probably because they are. I can’t remember an”after” picture where a person now has a new enhanced smile, bright and aesthetic, and wasn’t significantly more secure and confident. Their smile showed it!

“Before” pictures undoubtedly show someone with a bashful or bland, tight lipped, semi-smile that always has a long story behind it. I don’t always know exactly how an individual’s “before” smile embarrassed or inconvenienced them in life, but I can relay some re-occurring themes.

One example is a woman who never smiled for family pictures and feared to show anything behind her lips. After open communications and accustom designed smile enhancement, the woman not only looked incredible, but acted different in smile, mannerism, and personality.

Other examples are beautiful women who I consult, that really hold themselves back by even a fear of people seeing them talking, let alone smiling or laughing. The funny thing is,that so many of these women thought that their individual situation was going to be either too expensive, or too painful, or too long, or too whatever, so they just lived with their own mental anguish. In fact, many women had a life changing smile in just one morning .Others who were afraid of going broke were astonished by an affordably budgeted enhancement plan. All are amazed at the comfort and short time frame that a smile can be changed.

Another common scenario is women or men who have had smile enhancement before the real smile enhancement boom(15 years ago or more), and don’t have subjective reality on the new ultra-natural styles of smile enhancements.

People often want to know specific techniques and ways for achieving goals and desires. My response is always laid out in a very predictable and understandable format that is communicated in plain terms with a clear under-standing of what the individual wants. Basically, the technology is available to make your goals real. Right now. This can be achieved person for person.Each “before and after” picture has proven the amazing results of smile enhancement. Extroversion, beauty in face and smile, confidence. This truly is the facial WOW factor.

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