“My 5 year old was so scared to go to the Dentist. Edita made her appointment so much fun and when she left she asked when she gets to come back again!! Debbie, also was very thorough in cleaning my teeth and provided great advice on how to use my water pick. From the moment you walk into this office, you feel the family environment. Starting at the front desk, you’re greeted with smiling faces and kind people! I also love the text messaging feature that they use. It’s so easy to get ahold of them with questions or to schedule appointments. Thank you Kingston Dental!”— M.M.

“The crew at Kingston Dental has the complete package.  Friendly, very competent, understanding and patient.  My trips there have been the most enjoyable visits to the dentist of my life.  I have found the dentist for the rest of my life!

I have the utmost respect for the entire staff, including, but not limited to, the dental assistants, the Dental Hygienist, the Front Desk Manager whose understanding of insurance jargon and policies is second to none!  And, of course, my dentist, Dr. Greif was extremely gifted and patient!” — T.T.

“Thank you, Dr. Greif and staff for making it your goal to make all of your patients happy! You have certainly succeeded in my case! I am very happy with my very natural-looking veneers and have gotten many compliments on them from my close friends.

I was surprised, but relieved, when you were willing to return any veneers that I was not completely satisfied with. I appreciated it very much when you took the time to listen to all the adjustments I wanted and were so patient with me when I was being picky. Not all dentists possess your attention to detail and conscientiousness!

I can confidently recommend your services to my friends and family and know that they are guaranteed to be please with the results! I know I am!” — Laura B.

“If you are reading this testimonial, then you, like me, have probably spent a lifetime feeling uncomfortable about your smile.

For many years I have dreamed of having straight, white, beautiful teeth.  Now I can say that dream has come true!  I have just completed what many may call a major case in dentistry.  I now have ten gorgeous veneers on my top teeth.  If you are considering this procedure, I must tell you how much it will change your life!  I am no longer afraid to smile.  Thanks to Dr. Greif and his wonderful staff!

Everyone was so kind and thoughtful. It was a painless process that I would highly recommend!!!” — Kim R

“I have had upper and lower dentures for one year and they are doing very well. I can eat corn on the cob, chew steak, and all kinds of others foods no problems so far this year.” — Allen Hyde.

“I’m a big chicken about dentistry and I was treated very well. My friends and family have noticed the change in me. I smile all the time now. I have more confidence. I’d recommend Dr. Greif to anyone. Everyone is wonderful!” — Darleen Buerck

“Dr. Greif did an excellent job: Painless, on time, and treatment complete on schedule. I’d recommend him to anybody. He explained it well and laid it out to me so I could understand it step by step. Very professional!”

“When I came to USA in 1999, I didn’t know what to expect, especially in regard to doctor/dentist care. I must say I was a bit scared that I would find out the hard way. My sister, with whom I lived for the first year of my stay, mentioned to me the place she heard about called Kingston Dental Care on Telegraph Road. Hesitantly, I agreed to go there. On the “new Patient” application in the section proved for additional patient’s comments, I just wrote in huge letters: “NO PAIN.” Several minutes latter I was called in by one of the nurses. Now, I was scared A LOT. Not much longer, Ron Greif entered the room. He had a smile on this face. He introduced himself, asked me where I was from, what I do in America, etc. Conversation slowly started relaxing me a bit. I took a chance and told him that I can’t stand any pain, and that I am even known to fight the dentist if I feel any. Funny, but true. He smiled back at me and told me not to worry.

The root canal done that day went with me lying relaxed in the chair, listening to the conversation between Dr. Greif and the nurse. I felt no pain. I felt no pain even when the needle with the anesthesia was given to me by Dr. Greif. It was amazing.

I have been a patient of Dr. Greif’s for more than six years, and now when I have an appointment, I am relaxed. I know I am in good hands. I know that one blink of my eyes brings an immediate question by Dr. Greif: “Are you ok?” Going to the dentist became a non-stressful experience, but rather part of life where pain has no place. I know that I found a dentist that I will stick to for a long, long time. I highly recommend him to everyone, regardless of his or her pain intolerance.” — Korina Bogdanovic

“When I first made the decision to get braces I was very hesitant because of obvious reasons— pain, how you look, etc. But once the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Kingston Dental explained Invisalign® I was onboard immediately. All my worries about typical braces went out the window. Thanks to Invisaline I’ll never have to worry about braces ruining a first impression. In fact, I sometimes have to convince people that I’m even wearing Invisalign. Thanks to Kingston Dental for the not so typical answer to typical braces!” — Christy V.

“There are so many things I can say about Dr. Greif. He explains things, his caring, there is no pain, that’s one of the main things (old dentist butchered me) He tried to save the teeth, instead of yanking them. His very knowledgeable. I had some really bad experiences with other dentists. He’s always been superb with me – Can’t say enough good things about him.” — Gary L.

“Dr. Sam is one of the kindest, gentlest, considerable, compassionate, and proficient dentists, I’ve ever encountered. His expertise and patient, patient manner was so soothing. I underwent a root canal and didn’t even need nitrous to help me get though it because I’m generally so afraid of the pain I start crying. He even “beautified” my old caps and made them appear like new. His staff and wonderful and compassionate also.” — D.G.

“I have had periodontal disease since my very early 20’s. I have had two deep cleanings and surgery. Finally, something that works – the trays. Every four years or so something drastic needed to be done. I have not been open to any more deep cleanings or surgeries for years because I don’t floss. So the procedures do not work. I get regular cleanings four times a year to help but that’s it. Unfortunately I lost my back tooth. The invention of the trays came just in time. I tied the trays because I know my other back tooth is teetering on its last days also. My cleaning and probe report yesterday was a happy one. My 8’s are going to 5’s and 5’s to 3’s.

With the trays you will be helping your teeth accomplishing other things. You will like it. I mop, work out on the treadmill, watch TV and other things while using the trays – the ultimate in multi-tasking. If you are a flosser, well then your results should be really outstanding.” — Andrea Laber