A wall mirror with the Kingston Dental Care logo on itA team member preps a patient for a filling

Mercury-Free Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Long ago, people didn’t have their teeth fixed, they had them extracted. Then about 70 years ago, fillings were created using various metals and mercury. This meant that people could keep their teeth.

The technology of fillings has now developed to where natural-colored fillings can be used instead of metal and mercury fillings. As you can see by viewing this mini-movie, they are much more attractive than metal/mercury fillings.

At the Kingston Dental Center, we use this newer technology. You can now have your teeth restored to their original strength and color.

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*These providers are not specialists in Orthodontics, Oral Surgery or Prosthodontics. Cosmetic Dentistry is a non-specialty interest area that requires no specific educational training to advertise these services