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Dental Implants in St. Louis

Dental implants are used for replacement of missing teeth. In case of a single missing tooth, a dental implant can be placed in the jaw bone area of the missing tooth and serve as a replacement of the root and individual crown. Once in place the single tooth implant crown will look, feel and function just like a natural tooth. Single tooth implant crowns are brushed and flossed like natural teeth although dental implants will not decay, they require impeccable oral hygiene.

Sick of Dentures and Denture Adhesives?

Dental implants can also be used to replace many missing teeth. Multiple teeth replaced by dental implants can avoid the need for a removable denture. Removable dentures can be hard to get used to. Most of the time removable partial dentures have clasps that put additional stress on existing teeth.

Full removable dentures may be difficult to wear and may interfere with eating and speaking. Some patients are never able to adapt to day-to-day functioning with their full dentures. Many of these patients do not have adequate bone to stabilize a lower denture as a replacement. Others never develop enough muscle coordination to learn how to chew with their dentures.

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