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Teeth Whitening in St. Louis using Tradional Tray Bleaching

Now you can whiten your teeth and brighten your smile at home, using our safe proven tooth bleaching procedures.

At Kingston Dental, our highly-experienced dentists will take impressions of your teeth that allow custom trays to be used in the tooth bleaching procedure. The bleaching gel is then placed in the thin comfortable trays and fitted over your teeth.

before after bleaching

As the discolored areas of your teeth are bleached, the color of your teeth becomes lighter. The structure of your teeth is not changed.

Results are often seen overnight. For optimum results, the process is continued for one to two weeks, as instructed by our dentists.

For many patients the results can be permanent if they practice good oral hygiene and brush regularly.

Call us today to find out how you can brighten up your smile with our effective, dentist-supervised home teeth bleaching treatments. (314)487-0052

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